Top 10 most disturbing movies ever made

Top 10 most disturbing movies. In this list, we have tried to change a conventional concept of disturbing movies which mostly includes the sexual abuse and thrilling horror in the most disturbing category. Though our list also contains horror and sexual abuse based movies however, we have tried to give preference to those movies which are psychologically disturbing, not only the bloodshed and rape.

A Serbian Film (2010)


After watching this movie, it takes some time to get back to the normal world. Characterized by the scenes of child rape, necrophilia and sexual abuse, this film takes place the first position in our list of top 10 disturbing movies. The film has been banned to release and distribute in Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Norway and Singapore. In United States it has been cut short for 19 minutes which is itself a record cut time.

The story is based on the life of a Serbian ex-porn star, Milos and his family. Short on money, he accepts a starring role in a mysterious art film, which turns out to be containing disturbing and sick scenes of pedophilia, necrophilia and torture.

Though the whole movie is very disturbing however, the final scenes are worst when he is made to molest his own son who is in the state of coma with his face covered. After killing everybody at the set, including the director, but unable to live with the shame, the Milos along with his wife commits the suicide in the end. Surprisingly, this scene was also being shot by new camera men.


The Human Centipede (2009)


A Dutch horror film, release in 2009, based on the director, Tom Six’s idea of punishing the child molester by stitching his mouth to the anus of a fat truck driver. The financers of this movie were kept unaware of the actual story and plot until it was complete.

In the movie two American tourist girls and one Japanese tourist male were drugged, kidnapped and contained in a location to conduct this bizarre experiment. The doctor performs the surgery to connect all three of them anus to mouth with Japanese guy at the front and two girls attached after in a line with their mouths surgically attached to the anus of the person in front of them. Knee ligaments of victims were damaged making it impossible for them to stand, so they could only crawl on their knees. The story continues further and take the twists as two detectives visit the house in search of disappeared tourists.

The film received mixed reviews from the critics but it was able to win many awards at different film festivals.


Sinister (2012)

Sinister 2012

Sinister is one of the most disturbing horror movies

Released in 2012, Sinister is a supernatural horror movie based on the story of the family of a fictional true-crime writer, who discovers a box full of movies in the attic of house, he has recently moved in. As he starts watching those movies, a series of events takes place which put the lives of his family in danger.

Crime writer Ellison with his wife and two daughters of age 8 and 12 moves into this house where an unsolved murder took place several months ago.  All members of the family living here except a 10 year old girl were killed by hanging. Unfortunately, the survivor girl got disappeared after the murders and was never found. As the Ellison starts watching the movies he find in his attic he start learning about the mysterious murders. However, the day he reaches the final conclusion, it was already too late for him and his family. The symbols depicted in the movies were of a pagan Babylonian deity named Baghuul who, after killing entire families through one of their children, take them into his realm and consume their souls.


The Machinist (2004)


To make the weirdo character of this movie look real, Christian Bale had to lose 27 pounds of his body weight, which converted him to a fragile and skinny machinist Trevor Reznik. However, in the movie, the insomnia has been attributed as the main reason of this weight loss of the lead role. His poor health and strange behavior made him isolated at work. The situation got worse when one of the co-worker lost his arm in machine accident because of Trevor’s carelessness. Later he loses his job too.

A mysterious series of pasted notes appear regularly on his refrigerator illustrating a game of hangman, which pushes Trevor further into paranoia. He spends most of his sleepless nights at the airport café in the company of waitress named Maria, with whom he tries to establish the romantic relationship later in the movie. However, the story gets interesting when he is told by the café owner another day that no girl of Maria has ever worked at her place.

All of his hallucinations and fantasies were connected to a deep guilt and remorse resulting from a car accident which happened last year.


Salò or The 120 Days of Sodom (1975)


This movie can be used as an alternative to the endurance test. You can try to watch it whole in one sitting to check how resistant and strong you are. This movie forces you to pause in between to take a breath before you can start over again all the brutality it holds. The story of this movie is based upon four wealthy males who hold sexuality above all moral standards. This movie starts with their plan to experience the sexual pleasure to the ultimate level, the way it has never been done before.

To make the things more indigestible they marry each other’s daughters and kidnap some other teenage girls and boys. As the movie continues it depicts the journey of pain, suffering, sexual abuse and loss of innocence of the young ones. The whole story is divided into three levels. The film is based on the book 120 days of Sodom by a French writer, Marquis de Sade


Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)


This movie, released in 1986, is based on the events of the life of a crazy serial killer, Henry. In the movie he make friends with a fellow inmate named Otis, and then the two of them start a savage and brutal rampage of random killings with almost no remorse for any of their actions and crimes.

The story of mass murder has been depicted in such a flat and realistic manner that it has sparked a controversy among the critics. Some see it as an evil incarnate, however, others think it’s a unique and superb piece of art. Despite the hot contest, it still stands with “UR” rating.


Anti Christ (2009)

anti Christ

This psychological thriller based on the story of a couple, produced by a Danish director sparked a great deal of controversy among the film critics. After a prologue, the movie is divided into four parts. Prologue starts with a couple making love while their young son falls off the two stories from an open window, presumed dead.

First part of the remainder four parts is names as “Grief”. It is mainly based on the hard time and suffering the couple is passing through after this dreadful event. The women is hospitalized for one month and she accuses her husband for his indifferent behavior, and continues to consider herself to be responsible for the child’s death. Later on they move to an isolated cabin in the woods where the women had passed her last summer with her son as a part of exposure therapy.

Second part, the Pain, depicts their initial days at the forest property, changes in the behavior of woman as the time passes. In the meantime, the environment surrounding the cabin becomes very sinister. Third part, Despair of Gynocide, and the fourth part, the three beggars, are full of shocking and horror scenes. The aggression of woman becomes out of control and she turns into a sex maniac.


Audition (1999)


Audition, a reckless thriller directed by a Japanese director in 1990, stands third last in our list. It is a novel based movie and over the time, it has gathered a passionate fan base. Its story is based on a widowed TV anchor who, motivated by his young son, starts looking for his prospective wife through auditions. During these auditions he gets particularly attracted towards one girl, Asami. However, when he starts looking into her bio-data, he finds some mysterious facts, one for instance is that whoever came into Asami’s life, got disappeared. He cannot reach any of the reference she had mentioned on her resume. As the movie continues, story becomes more mysterious turning into series of terrible events by the end.


Inside (2007)


Inside: One of the French most disturbing horror movies

A French horror film, released in 2007 and presumably the best horror movie of the last decade. A car crash some time before Christmas kills the man, whereas his wife, Sarah and their unborn baby are the only survivors. The women decides to stay at home by herself on the Christmas Eve as she is having delivery the very next day. A strange woman appears at the door, who surprisingly knows all the details about Sarah and asks to let her in. Frightened, Sarah telephones the police. Police comes and clear the house and promise her that they will stay on guard for the night.

However, a strange woman appears again at night in Sarah’s bedroom, overpowers the woman and demands for the unborn baby. She wants to cut the fetus out without any anesthesia. Later scenes contain violence and bloodshed. There is a twist in the movie when it comes to the reason behind woman’s demand for Sarah’s unborn baby.


The Last House on the Left (1972)


Inspired by the story of a 1960’s Swedish film, The Virgin Spring, this movie was directed by Wes Cravan as an American horror movie. The film was remade in 2009 with the same name.

The story of this movie revolves around a young couple and their families. Things go south when a young couple is kidnapped by a gang of notorious inmates who escaped the prison. The girl on the eve of her seventeenth birthday is brutally raped by the gang members. After killing both of them the gang goes to the home of boy and takes shelter for the night by introducing themselves as travelling salesmen. Worried parents start searching for their son and soon they find out the dead bodies of children and blood stained clothes in the luggage of their guests.  The movie becomes more brutal at this moment and the blood thirsty parents take their revenge well from the psychopath murderers.

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